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IUS & ALIA is a firm of Lawyers and Tax Consultants made up of professionals

In IUS & ALIA we want to offer our clients a relationship of professional commitment sustained by the values that are part of its philosophy, with the participation of a team of professionals who want to support their clients in their business and activities, offering them their commitment, dedication and best efforts, for the satisfaction of their interests and needs.

Something About Us

IUS & ALIA is one of the so-called highly specialized small firms, aspiring to provide a high Quality and very personalized service.


Juridical and tax planning of business restructuring operations: mergers, divisions, value exchanges, asset contributions, activity branch contributions.



In the environment of the patronage, the foundations and other non-profit entities, we offer juridical-fiscal advice in connection with all the questions related with the juridical and tax Regime of the Foundations, the Associations and the Patronage through donations, Collaboration Agreements, Patronage Contracts. 


Family business

Testamentary process: preparation of testamentary clauses. Preparation of special testaments and testamentary partitions. Creation of structures that allow organizing the political assets control following an inheritance.


Tax audits

We represent our clients’ interests before the Tax Audit or we advise them in any tax audit or verification procedure, including the presentation of allegations before the Tax Audit organs. 


Merges and Acquisitions

The professionals of the firm have an important experience in sale and purchase operations and the corporate mergers operations . We offer advice from the initial phase (realization of the tax and legal “due diligence”) up to the end (sale and purchase of the shares or assets and, if it is fiscally advisable, merger subsequent to the purchase).


Real estate Operations

One of the most important areas of IUS & ALIA is the advice offered in the purchase of all kinds of properties: lands, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, leisure parks, residential-tourist buildings, ships and industrial plants, and real estate companies.


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